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    2024-02-06 update facebook group and chat room address.

    2024-02-09 update participation method, permit joining first, verify later, update communication location shuzi mingmu forum.

    Hello everyone! In July last year, we tried to start the work on the Shuzi Mingmu Exchange Platform, which had to be suspended due to the fact that we were too busy with traveling to Europe, hosting international retreat in Xi’an, and organizing a variety of online classes soon thereafter. Here, we would like to apologize to all of you!

    Over the past six months, we have not forgotten everyone and have been looking for suitable opportunities.
    After careful study, we now plan to restart this work.

    1. All paid program participants who voluntarily participate.
    2. Organizers, translators, technical supporters, etc. who voluntarily participate.

    Purpose of communication
    1. To provide long-term vision improvement support to all paid program participants, we plan to give occasional text, voice or video support through the communication platform.
    2. To understand the effect and suggestions of everyone, and to promote the teaching and development of shuzi mingmu programs.

    Exchange locations:
    Tentative locations are as follows, more locations are to be recommended.
    1. Facebook group and chat room, address: click here
    2.Whatsapp group, address:

    3.Shuzi mingmu forum:

    Communication Methods
    1.Participants communicate with each other.
    2.The organizers assist in guiding based on free voluntary.
    3.We give guidance from time to time.

    Participation method
    1.Fill in the online registration form.
    2.Volunteer organizers assist their own students to send the registration form.
    3.Click the exchange location links and join, we will verify your course registration information at the right time.

    Registration Address

    Contact Us
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Wechat, WhatsApp: +86 18026281245

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