2023-02 Online Shuzi Mingmu Course Testimonies from Mexican Silvia, Abelardo and Hui Group

Mery Tippe (Perú) A long time ago I suffered a head contusion, this resulted in an ocular hemorrhage behind the eyeball and continuous headaches, then one fine day I woke up with blurred vision, I could see clearly one or almost two meters, the ophthalmologist diagnosed retinal anemia and I had to take a lot…

2023-02 Online Shuzi Mingmu Course Testimony from Ronit and Dafna Group

Israel -Tsila Piran Karni testimony Dear teachers, Unfortunately, I cannot attend the last lesson.  My results: 1. I have decided to check my eye sight and my prescription number is a Whole number less in both eyes. 2. I am living more and more with awareness and love for qi. Thank you very much, I will…

2023-02 Online Shuzi Mingmu Course Testimonies from Mexican Citlalli Group

1.Guadalupe Fernández Zúñiga I couldn’t read the first line before. From the second session I was able to read signs that I was not able to read before. My body has improved from other diseases that I have. I’m only worried that my eyes remain inflamed for 2 days after the course and somewhat dry….

Effect of the Practice of Znqg in My Life Transformation and Well-being

By: Martha González García Mora Mar. 28 2022 Early days of the transformation My name is Martha Gonzalez, I am Mexican, 54 years old, I have been practicing znqg for two years. I started my practice with teachers Renata Ramos and Marta Chang in April 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic. I immediately saw the…

2021-01 Online Eyesight Training Course Stories from Germany

1.) A woman, name Gerhild shared: Before the course:my Vision in the distance is good.When reading, the letters are blurred. I need reading glasses with 2 dpt.In good light and when rested, there are sometimes seconds of clear vision. After the course:I have replaced the reading glasses with 1.5 Dpt and 1.0 Dpt strong glasses….