2023-02 Online Shuzi Mingmu Course Testimonies from Mexican Silvia, Abelardo and Hui Group

Mery Tippe (Perú)

A long time ago I suffered a head contusion, this resulted in an ocular hemorrhage behind the eyeball and continuous headaches, then one fine day I woke up with blurred vision, I could see clearly one or almost two meters, the ophthalmologist diagnosed retinal anemia and I had to take a lot of vitamins, at the time I dealt with alternative therapies that alleviated the pain and improved vision.

Years later the right eye showed blurred low vision, headaches, upper right side of the head added to this hypersensitivity to electronic devices, pain in the hands, arms and head with a little tremor in the right hand, no I did not want to carry out any medical tests on the supposed tumor on the head, I just continued with bioenergetic healing that helped me a lot at the time but nevertheless when using electromagnetic devices the symptoms reappeared.

As I told you, the near vision had worsened, the headache and pain when using the computer and the cell phone increased, but that is improving.

On Saturday I woke up with the right eye with discharge and a little inflamed, pain in the upper right side of the head extending to the entire arm, itching had increased in the shoulder blades, which now only on the right side, when I practice it seems like for something to come out of my body, but not before producing very small punctures on the surface of the skin.

Thank you very much for the recordings, because that way I can practice, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have little time to practice, but I continue with the practice on the other days because I know that the Qi reactions will go away and constant practice helps me to achieve full health. Hao la!

Zhineng Qi Gong has given me a fuller life little by little I have improved my health problems and now I will stop using near vision glasses.

Infinitely grateful to Dr. Pang and the entire Zhineng Qi Gong family around the world, Zhineng’s wonderful field has been my constant companion since the pandemic.

By participating in the session I have been able to meet wonderful teachers from a distance who teach the wonderful science of Zhineng Qi Gong. Hao la 🙌 everyone! HYLT

Thank you very much for your support, your time and your loving disposition.

Hugs with the wonderful energy of the universe. Hao la! 🙌

Rosy (México)

This course has helped me a lot, especially to understand what Qi is, and I had very good results from my eyes, I improved 80% and I need to practice more.

 I thank all the Teachers.

Martina (México)

I have not been to the online practices, but as the recorded session I practice not like I should, I know I should do more practice.

 but I tell you that I play Cachibol (sport with a Ballon) before I saw my teammates blurry and I was worried, because with glasses I can’t play well and I hadn’t realized that now I play and I don’t need glasses.

 My improvement is very little because I know I need to practice more but I felt very nice and happy when I noticed the improvement in my eyesight.

Thanks and HYLT 

Lourdes (México)

The course helped me a lot.

I was able to improve my sight in both eyes. At first I could only read up to the seventh line in the template, now I can read up to the tenth line.

I did practice systematically. It helped me a lot to carry out the practices taking the energy of the great field, knowing that I am one with the universe and that we are one to be happier and at peace.


[上午11:02, 2023年3月24日] Silvia: Luis Alberto (México)

I share that I am slowly recovering my vision, I have not dedicated enough time to it;  but I have noticed that I am recovering light and vision, in the right eye, in the left, I do not see anything, but when I put my hand in front I feel the shadow that my hands produce.

 I am going to dedicate more time to my speedy recovery.

 Thanks for this opportunity.

[上午11:02, 2023年3月24日] Silvia: Horacio (México)

With the left eye, which is the weakest, I started on line 4 and reached line 8.

 Later I had an emotional situation of very strong anger, after two days under the vision of the left eye and the good eye was clouded, and I no longer distinguished the large letters.

 After asking the above question, the teacher’s response was extraordinary with great wisdom and motivated me very much to intensify my practice and the result was that I see less blurry with my right eye and I see clear with the left eye, but the field very reduced visual, it has been improving.

 With what I have advanced and improved practicing the method I know that it is very effective and I am sure that if I intensify my practice, I will achieve my recovery.

 In my body, I relax with ease and quickly relax

 the mind.

 I have become more concentrated and I don’t forget things.

 for me it is very good.

 Thanks to the method.

 Thank you teacher as you said.  Even finished the practices you will continue.  Supporting us which I greatly appreciate.  Haola

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